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Our Impact

I ask my team two questions about 3rd party service providers: Do they change our behavior for the better? Do they deliver the results we need? Conlego is the only firm that accomplished both of these in the first year.


Extraordinary Impact

At Conlego, we exist to tackle the challenges that matter and deliver sustainable solutions that create extraordinary impact and value.  The numbers say it all.


Value Delivered

Savings Generated Last 12 Months

$ 180,355,071


Savings Rate

Last 12 Months


Strategic Partnerships

Created Last 12 Months



Nowhere has Conlego had more impact than in retail. The team has over 120 years of deep industry experience in merchandising, operations, negotiations, partnerships, strategy, marketing and finance. It has developed growth strategies, processes and tools that have created over $6 billion in value and growth for the retail industry alone.

Consumer Goods

Conlego has engaged with over a thousand consumer goods companies, negotiating value-creating deals, developing partnerships that drive innovation and opportunity, and developing joint business plans that exceed growth goals.  Many of those consumer goods companies have turned to Conlego to help them achieve the same high impact outcomes Conlego has developed for retail.

Health & Wellness

Companies, non-profits and governments seeking to solve the enormous health and wellness challenges facing the world realize they can’t do it alone. Conlego has brought its deep expertise in partnership and coalition development to these organizations, helping them find the right partners, align, develop aggressive plans, set success metrics and keeping them on track.

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