Conlego is the world’s leading expert on creating negotiation systems, frameworks and tools to drive extraordinary savings and impact, while respecting important relationships.  Its strategic approach, combined with side-by side coaching of your teams, results in a culture of strategic negotiation that provides an immediate return on investment and sustainably delivers results for the long term.


Conlego has completely transformed our mindset around supplier negotiations. We’ve saved more than 30% in key categories in less than six months. That would not have seemed possible a year ago.



Negotiation Services 


  • Organizational negotiation capability assessment

  • Organizational negotiation opportunity assessment

  • Organizational negotiation strategies, road mapping and planning

  • Customized negotiation tools, process and frameworks development and implementation

  • Deal preparation and coaching

  • Procurement and sourcing

  • Contract or dispute mediation

  • Training and coaching


Strategic Partnerships

Successful partnerships deliver outsized value, impact and growth, but only when developed and managed in the right way.  Whether growth goals come through innovation, product development, supply chain efficiencies or new experiences, Conlego helps you choose and align your most important partners to deliver on an aspirational joint plan. 


By helping us align with our partners around a common vision, strategy and priorities, we were able to grow sales by 8% in just the first year.



Partnership Services


  • Organizational partnership capability assessment

  • Organizational partnership opportunity assessment

  • Development and implementation of sustainable partnership tools, process and frameworks

  • Partner tiering

  • Strategy and approach to partners

  • Joint Business Planning

  • Mergers & acquisitions alignment; cultural assessments

  • Supplier & Innovation Summits


Collective Impact

Many of the challenges facing busines, government and society at large are simply too big for any one entity to solve alone.  They often lack the complete set of resources, know-how and experience required to make significant impact at scale.  Conlego builds coalitions and partnerships that can solve what appear to be insurmountable challenges and problems. 


Using its negotiation and partnership expertise, [Conlego] built a powerful and successful coalition of business competitors to help solve the humanitarian crisis in Bangladesh.



Collective Impact Services

  • Developing the right partners and coalition members to ensure success

  • Aligning organizations to common vision, goals and priorities

  • Developing the strategy, action plan and success metrics

  • Facilitating and managing the partnership or coalition

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