Conlego is the world’s leading expert on creating negotiation systems, frameworks and tools to drive extraordinary savings and impact, while respecting important relationships.  Its strategic approach, combined with side-by side coaching of your teams, results in a culture of strategic negotiation that provides an immediate return on investment and sustainably delivers results for the long term.

Negotiation Services 


  • Organizational negotiation capability assessment

  • Organizational negotiation opportunity assessment

  • Organizational negotiation strategies, road mapping and planning

  • Customized negotiation tools, process and frameworks development and implementation

  • Deal preparation and coaching

  • Procurement and sourcing

  • Contract or dispute mediation

  • Training and coaching


Strategic Partnerships

Successful partnerships deliver outsized value, impact and growth, but only when developed and managed in the right way.  Whether growth goals come through innovation, product development, supply chain efficiencies or new experiences, Conlego helps you choose and align your most important partners to deliver on an aspirational joint plan. 

Partnership Services


  • Organizational partnership capability assessment

  • Organizational partnership opportunity assessment

  • Development and implementation of sustainable partnership tools, process and frameworks

  • Partner tiering

  • Strategy and approach to partners

  • Joint Business Planning

  • Mergers & acquisitions alignment; cultural assessments

  • Supplier & Innovation Summits


Customer Insights & Brand Positioning

The next generation of winners will take a fresh and informed look at their enterprise and brand value propositions in order to identify new markets and opportunities.  Conlego brings fresh, more profound customer, category and industry insights to the strategy, brand -positioning and goal-setting process. 

Customer & Brand Services


  • New customer and brand insights development

  • Core and aspirational customer profile development

  • Brand positioning

  • Market share and opportunity analyses

  • Customer and brand strategy development and implementation


Organizational Best Practices

Only those organizations that have their house in order can move with speed and efficiency to maximize future opportunities for growth.  We develop and implement better organizational practices to promote faster alignment, faster decision-making and market-leading execution.

Organizational Services


  • Current process and decision-making review and opportunity assessment

  • Process evolution and development aligned to strategy and goals

  • Internal team alignment

  • Implementation and coaching of new process with teams



Our negotiation and partnership workshops are focused on significantly elevating the skills of your team and creating strategic negotiators that can help you grow your top and bottom lines.  Unlike most other negotiation trainings that focus on tactics, manipulation and aggressive behaviors in order to “beat” the other side, the Conlego workshops explore a spectrum of approaches that include more cooperation, problem-solving and respect for important relationships.

Our workshop leaders are not just trainers that have never been party to real negotiations or created an innovation-driving partnership.  We are daily practitioners of negotiation and partnership building with deep experience in industry.  Our leaders have taught a next generation of negotiators and partnership builders at global businesses, international forums, and leading universities like Harvard, Berkeley and Northwestern.

Training Offerings:


Strategic Negotiation

This workshop is for those seeking to develop a next generation of core negotiation skills. The curriculum explores topics such as:

  • Achieving success in negotiation

  • Collaborative, competitive and strategic approaches, tools and behaviors

  • Rigorous preparation

  • Building confidence, rapport

  • Creating more value and impact/understanding the role of “interests”

  • Effective communication

  • Dealmaking techniques

  • Engaging difficult people and situations

Participants learn to use a model of negotiation that achieves success and creates more value. They engage in role-play simulations to enhance their skill learning.

Advanced Negotiation

This workshop is for those seeking to significantly elevate their core negotiation skills.  The curriculum explores at a deeper level important negotiation topics such as:

  • Strategic approaches and communication

  • Power & leverage

  • Value and impact creation


Participants engage in 3-4 role-play simulations and are video-taped.  A Conlego coach works with individuals to perfect their negotiation approaches, communication style and techniques.


Strategic Partnerships

This workshop is for those seeking to learn how to generate the biggest impact and growth from strategic partners.  The curriculum explores:


  • How to identify the best partners

  • Align around common goals, strategies and priorities

  • Build joint business plans; engage top executives

  • Measure success and hold partners accountable

  • A role-play simulation is employed to provide participants with hands-on experience developing collaborative relationships

Other Workshops

  • Joint Business Planning

  • Women in negotiation

  • Specific topics in negotiation such as negotiating price increases, allocation, and dealing with difficult people.


Collective Impact

Many of the challenges facing busines, government and society at large are simply too big for any one entity to solve alone.  They often lack the complete set of resources, know-how and experience required to make significant impact at scale.  Conlego builds coalitions and partnerships that can solve what appear to be insurmountable challenges and problems. 

Collective Impact Services

  • Developing the right partners and coalition members to ensure success

  • Aligning organizations to common vision, goals and priorities

  • Developing the strategy, action plan and success metrics

  • Facilitating and managing the partnership or coalition

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