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Negotiations Training Academy

The Conlego Negotiations Training Academy 

is the leading organization teaching a strategic, value-creating approach to negotiation. 


Our negotiation trainings are designed to significantly elevate the skills of your team and thrive in a world demanding more impact and value-creation.  

Many other trainings focus on outdated tactics, manipulation and aggressive behaviors to "beat" the other side.  This leads to destroyed value, damaged relationships, diminished execution and stymied growth.


Instead, we explore a spectrum of strategic approaches that include more cooperation and problem-solving to create growth, new value and impact, while preserving and growing important relationships.

Our workshop leaders are not just trainers.  They are daily practitioners of negotiation with deep experience in industry.  They have taught at global businesses, international forums, and leading universities like Harvard, Berkeley and Northwestern.


Training Offerings:


Strategic Negotiation

This workshop is for those seeking to develop a next generation of core negotiation skills. The curriculum explores topics such as:

  • Achieving success in negotiation

  • Collaborative, competitive and strategic approaches, tools and behaviors

  • The Conlego 5:  Rules for successful negotiation

  • Rigorous preparation

  • Building confidence, rapport

  • Creating more value and impact/understanding the role of “interests”

  • Effective communication

  • Dealmaking techniques

  • Engaging difficult people and situations

Participants learn to use a model of negotiation that achieves success and creates more value. They engage in role-play simulations and case studies to enhance their skill learning. Customized versions available for merchandising, sales, procurement and general business teams.

Advanced Negotiation Workshops

These workshop are for those seeking to significantly elevate their core negotiation skills.  

  • Navigating omni-channel negotiations

  • Retail negotiation process and The Line Review

  • Dealing with cost increases

  • Compelling story telling

  • Joint Business Planning

  • Building strategies & setting expectations to enable your teams in negotiation

  • Identifying & getting credit for your unique  assets & capabilities

  • Women in negotiation

  • Dealing with difficult people and conversations

Strategic Partnerships

This workshop is for those seeking to learn how to generate the biggest impact and growth from strategic partners.  The curriculum explores:


  • How to identify the best partners

  • Align around common goals, strategies and priorities

  • Build joint business plans; engage top executive

  • Measure success and hold partners accountable


A role-play simulation is employed to provide participants with hands-on experience developing collaborative relationships

Category Management Fundamentals

We teach retail organizations the fundaments of category management, including how to use insights, build category strategies, pick the right assortments and negotiate with vendors.

We saw an immediate ROI on the Conlego training, when just 3 days after taking their workshop, our buyers went to market and negotiated an unexpected large jump in savings over the prior year.


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